Why Do Christians Say Their Religion is the Only One?

Question in Response:

If you’re implying that the a Christian is wrong in asserting that their way is right, then aren’t you doing the very thing that you are accusing Christians of doing (asserting you are right and others are wrong)? Doesn’t it make more sense to compare world views to see which makes the most sense out of life as we experience it?

Quick Answer:

It is true that Christianity, Jesus in particular, made exclusive claims on truth (John 14:6). Unlike any other founder of a religion, He alone claimed to be God and to be the only way to God. He claimed to be truth. But, exclusivist claims are not unique to Christianity. Everyone makes them. Atheists reject theists (i.e., they reject theistic claims), Buddhists reject Hinduism, Islam rejects Christianity.

The real issue, it seems, is whether there is evidence that supports Jesus Christ's claim to be God and the only way to God? There is abundant evidence to support His claim.

Islam claims to be the only true religion and that the Koran is the sole, sufficient and consummate miracle (even though it is only recognizable by those who have a sophisticated knowledge of Arabic). Buddhism was born out of a rejection of Hinduism (the Vedas and the caste system). Even Baha’ism and other attempts at universalism exclude exclusivists (i.e., they deny the truth of exclusivism and, thus, exclude exclusivism).

Or to put it another way those who deny the existence of absolute truth are affirming the very thing they are denying. They affirm the truth of what they are saying, but what they are saying is that nothing is true. This is nonsense.