What About All the Hypocrites in the Church?

Question in response:

Do you think there is anyone in the world who is not a hypocrite to at least some degree? The real question is how come everyone seems to be hypocritical at times?

Quick Answer:

Your question points out something about human nature: we seem to have a greater tendency to know what is right than we have to do it. This is exactly what I am saying when I say that all of us are sinful and need a Saviour.

More Details: 

The premise is true – there are hypocrites in the church and in business, other religions, even in our own families. In fact, if we are honest with ourselves we have to admit that at times we are all hypocritical – we say things and then we don’t do them, we can’t even live up to the standards by which we judge other people.
This objection tells us more about the nature of man than the nature of Christianity – we all tend to know of a moral standard that is higher than the one that we are able to live by.
This is exactly what Christianity is saying.
Christianity stands or falls on the nature of Jesus Christ, who was not a hypocrite, not on the nature of his followers. Don’t miss out on Christianity because of some poor examples.
The Bible does not claim that believers in Jesus Christ become instantly perfect. We should judge Christianity on whether people gradually improve after they become Christians. And we should remember that anyone can call himself or herself a Christian. The true Christians are the ones who do change and grow.